About Us

The mission of America’s Forgotten Children Project is to remember the murdered children of America‘s inner cities which the criminal justice system and the mainstream media have ignored, and to remind us that the children of these communities need to be raised in stable families, educated in quality schools and protected by law enforcement so that they have a future.

– America’s Forgotten Children

The vision of the America’s Forgotten Children Project is that stable, two parent families, headed by married mothers and fathers become the cultural norm in the inner cities; that educational freedom becomes the policy of school boards and city councils to acknowledge parents’ right to choose the best school for their children rather than being forced to send students to failing schools; that police departments are fully staffed to keep these children and their communities safe, nurturing trust and good community relations to help law enforcement do their job effectively.

We envision neighborhoods where people live fulfilled lives without fear of crime, where the proverbial school to prison pipeline built by government policies is destroyed.

These communities can themselves achieve through a cultural renaissance what all the government subsidies, housing programs and social service agencies of a generation have failed to achieve – the end of the ghetto and the dawn of a new living environment. This means an end to the cycle of poverty. This means an end to the plague of crime and the myriad excuses which allow it to continue. This means families molding their children to be responsible, law abiding citizens of a free nation, taking care of themselves and building on the foundation laid by their parents, reaching new heights rather than being held down by government dependency. As these communities become places of safety, stability and strong families, they will transform into oases of economic opportunity and vitality. Then people will live and raise their children in these communities not because they are trapped, but because they are gratified and proud to be part of the culture of excellence and achievement which surrounds them.


The deaths of these innocent children is just another indication that America is being drawn into a cult of death. We are witnessing an unprecedented surge of crime from mass looting and shop lifting to assaults, car jacking and brazen daylight murders. Suicide, especially among young people, is on the rise. Fentanyl deaths have increased with the invasion of illegal immigration.

Children need love and nurturing of a mother and father to become healthy and productive adults. Instead of encouraging strong families, the federal government provides taxpayer funding for abortion, supports the gender confusion which undermines traditional marriage and sides with teacher unions against choice in education. The children who need to escape the pathologies of inner city crime, drugs, gangs and violence are caught in a trap the government built for them.

Children who grow up without a married mother and father in the home, are much more likely to be abused, join a gang, use drugs, commit violent crimes, end up in prison or die young. The school to prison pipeline was built by politicians and government bureaucrats who are more interested in advancing their ideological agenda regardless of the co sequences. We must be committed to saving the lives of children.