Gallery of Forgotten Children


One of our nation’s greatest mistakes in addressing poverty and discrimination was the Great Society programs and the system of welfare which followed. The painful lesson we have learned is that government cannot solve social problems. What they can do is create policies which empower individuals and families and then get out of the way.


The welfare policies of the last sixty years have undermined the family and trapped people in poverty, despair, and government dependence. It has created the false narrative that all that is wrong in the inner city is the result of systemic racism which has denied the ability of each individual to determine his or her own destiny. We must destroy this false narrative if children are to have hope for a bright future and the ability to transcend the circumstances into which they were born.

In the inner city, government has replaced the church as the central institution for social services and the greatest influence in shaping culture. It has replaced the family as the primary source of resources and support for children. It has become an educational monopoly which has failed children and parents miserably, leaving children well below the appropriate skill level in reading, writing, math, science, and understanding of our system of government as a constitutional republic. Local, state, and federal governments have often backed radical forces in undermining respect for law enforcement, replacing respect with hostility. Perhaps the most egregious result of government’s attempts to become all things to all people is that it has tried to replace God as the ultimate arbiter of right and wrong.

We must restore faith in Almighty God as the foundational principle of our nation.

We must restore the two-parent family with mothers and fathers as the primary stewards of our children’s lives, safety, and education.

We must create educational choice to allow children to escape from failing schools.

We must create trust and cooperation between law abiding citizens and the police who are essential for public safety and protection of the innocent.