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Prosecutors are Failing Our Children

The role of a District Attorney is to assure public safety by charging and prosecuting criminals to make the streets safe for law abiding citizens and innocent children. Many prosecutors have failed miserably. Some have accepted millions of dollars in campaign contributions from George Soros and adopted his open society agenda which foments chaos and anarchy in our streets. The innocent are the victims of his misguided policies and the prosecutors he has bought off. We need to let these lawless prosecutors know that this is not acceptable and the blood of these innocent children are on their hands. Contact them by them by telephone, email or snail mail and make your voice heard.

District Attorneys Listing

If your local District Attorney is not doing his or her job, enforcing the law against crime, contact your U.S. Attorney.

U.S. Attorneys Listing

damian williams
Eric G. Olshan
United States Attorney for the Southern District of New York
eric g. olshan
Eric G. Olshan
United States Attorney for the Western District of Pennsylvania
jaime esparza
Jaime Esparza
United States Attorney for the Western District of Texas
andrew r. haden
Andrew R. Haden
United States Attorney for the Southern District of California

The Great Society program launched by President Lyndon Johnson was supposed to end poverty in America, particularly in the black community. Instead it has proved to be one of the most expensive failures in the history of America.

Not only did it not end poverty, but it had severe negative impact, the worst of which is the decimation of the black family. Instead of creating economic prosperity in the inner cities, it undermined the entrepreneurial spirit which once thrived, even in the harsh reality of segregation. The sense of economic independence which should have been encouraged was replaced by government dependence and entitlement. It was a mistake then and it is a mistake now to expect government to solve social problems. Knowing the damage created by grandiose government ambitions, here is what we must do to break President Johnson’s destructive legacy.

Restore faith in God and empower the church as the center of cultural influence.

Our children are more influenced by TikTok and other social media than by church and family. The church must again become a source of values and worldview. Ideas once thought main stream such as faith in God, honesty, fidelity in marriage and patriotism have now been marginalized as some kind of political agenda. This is a perversion of truth and the church must respond by boldly and unapologetically promoting a biblical worldview.

Restore traditional marriage and family.

We must rebuild the family as the most fundamental institution of our society. We must start the long march back to families with fathers and mothers raising their children in two parent married monogamous households.

Implement universal educational choice.

We must create educational choice to rescue children from failing schools which serve as pipeline to crime, drug dealing, prison or early death. The teachers unions are holding children hostage for their own self-interest and the politicians they control are aiding them. These children must be set free.

Respect and support law enforcement.

We must restore respect for lawful authority and create a bond of trust between police officers and law abiding citizens of these communities. These children are not being killed by police officers, but by lawless youth, raised in single female headed households, who learn the culture of gangs and criminals, without regard for human life. Law enforcement officers must be supported in getting criminals off the street so that innocent children and other members of the community can live in peace and safety.

Private sector investment and entrepreneurship.

We must create job training and opportunities with private sector investment. We call upon Apple, Microsoft, Amazon, Google, Meta, X and other wealthy corporations to invest in these communities to create jobs rather than using these populations to promote a political agenda which does nothing to improve their quality of life and in fact creates more dependence, poor educational outcomes and a lower standard of living. See our Awakening Project which is a comprehensive plan for ending the cycle of crime and poverty in the inner cities.